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Recently Soc Trang province put into operation two incinerators of house hold waste in Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province and in second and third quarter of 2015 plans to operate two more incinerators in Ke Sach district and My Xuyen town. The operation of new incinerators will not only clean up the stored waste but also improves environment in the living quarters and nearby villages.


Typically, in Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang, the daily waste from seven communes and one town from 10 to 12 tons that is treated by the Urban Environment company by collection then bury and combustion in open air. This causes environment pollution in the nearby areas and difficulty to build new waste storage area in Chau Thanh district.

Considering the district difficulties, in 2014 the Soc Trang Environment Department decided to invest an incinerator at the waste storage in Tra Quyt B commune, Thuan Hoa, Chau Thanh with local technology with capacity 12 ton/day. “After two-month operation, incinerator in Tra Quyt B proved the efficiency of the waste treatment and improvement of environment conditions in the bazars and living quarters with 80% waste collected and treated…”. Mr. Phan Dung Khang, Director of Natural Resources and Environment dept. of Chau Thanh district excitedly comment.

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Also as per Mr.  Phan Duc Khang, before incinerator operation, with the large storage areas in small town with increasing volume of house hold waste, after short time, the storage was full with seepage water, bad smell spread into the living area causing environment pollution and negative reaction from population … This also a reason the waste collection company was just collecting waste in the bazars and main road areas. The waste in the living quarters was not collected and left in the drainage canals or abandoned areas that caused very bad pollution. Mrs. Thach Thach Thi Son, Tra Quyt B, Thuan Hoa, Chau Thanh district said: “In the past, we rarely saw waste collection in our area but now, we have daily collection at 4 or 5 pm. The local people do not throw waste into drainage canal anymore. …”.

As per official report by Soc Trang province, currently daily waste volume is about 100 tons but only 50 or 60 per cent are collected in the villages thus a large volume of waste still remained in living areas. Therefore “installation of the incinerator not only helps district to clear stored waste in the temporary to overcome water and air pollution but also improve collection volume in the villages…”, Mr. Pham Van Tung, head of Environment Protection department of Soc Trang province said.

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